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Primarily, anxiety movements occur due to a lack of support at a given time, and depressive movements are withdrawal manoeuvres. Constant repetition of these movements leads to their fixation and the creation of disorders. In order to create a new and useful movement, it is necessary to understand the cause of these conditions.


Life is a constant balancing act between support and frustration. We cannot grow without both. However, when frustration becomes a new normality, the whole life turns into survival. Stress demands that we stop and reconsider.

White Sand and Stone


​Fears are fundamentally very useful because they warn us of danger. However, when they become too strong, they can block us not only in activities but also in our thoughts. Their strength can affect both mind and body, while denying fears only increases the problem.


Trauma is the invisible force that shapes our lives. It shapes the way we live, love, and make sense of the world. It is the root of our deepest wounds.

Guilt and shame often creep in, therefore working on trauma is deep, difficult, and requires a lot of support and patience.


The body can suffer a lot if the mind is not well. From stomach pains, eating disorders and headaches to strong muscle spasms, blood sugar problems as well as thyroid problems. Understanding the physical symptoms slowly leads to background psychological causes.


One of the first signals that our personal borders are threatened is the appearance of aggression. It is mostly misunderstood and scares people. By understanding aggression, we can help ourselves channel and express this energy differently. 

Rock in Sand


If you feel that every day, every activity, every thought and feeling is filled with dissatisfaction, then it is the right time to return to yourself. The step towards greater satisfaction begins through exploring one's own needs.


Healthy boundaries of identity are crucial for preserving emotional and physical well-being. Setting and respecting boundaries on a personal and professional level are key aspects of maintaining a fulfilling and harmonious life. One of the most common examples of boundary issues is when a person struggles to say "no."


Our mind needs attention and care to function properly. Through therapy, we work on expanding awareness and self-awareness for personal growth and development.

„I came to, by looking at you, look at myself.”

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