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M.Psych Teodora Delic





My Services

  • Individual therapy(50min)

  • Accepting new clients for online sessions

    Clients of all ages are welcome.

Welcome, I am Teodora Delic

Many clients come to me angry, indignant, scared and in pain.

Great stress is usually an initiator for coming to therapy. Since stress does not travel alone, it prefers to arrive with companions like anxiety, depression, aggression, trauma, intrusive thoughts, sexual problems, psychosomatic disorders, depersonalization and fears.

The leitmotif of most of my clients is a feeling of not living their own lives but instead being stuck in a hopeless loop and living in auto-pilot mode. 


I am here to help you, as I believe that with adequate support and understanding, every soul can cope with life situations.


I possess extensive experience collaborating with a diverse range of clients from various parts of the world. This has granted me the opportunity to gain significant international and multicultural exposure, enabling me to effectively navigate and communicate with individuals from different backgrounds and cultures.

About Therapy

In the beginning...

All problems are originally something that the client wants to eliminate. However, through the therapeutic process, we learn about our psychological mechanisms as our ways of adapting to certain life circumstances. They were created to protect us, but over time became a problem.

Only through respect, understanding and integration of these misused and misunderstood parts of ourselves, can we make space for change.

One session takes place in a safe environment with absolute discretion. Online therapy is done over a video call on a meeting platform(GMeet, Skype, Webex, Viber, WhatsApp etc.)

If a client doesn't want to be seen, therapy is done with the video turned off.

Psychotherapy is a journey and an adventure during which we learn about our ways of functioning. In this process, we strive to reach a higher level of self-awareness and authenticity.

This is an opportunity to get to know ourselves better in order to achieve an active life. When we are only surviving, this way of life persists due to believing that something is necessary and "the only way". Psychotherapy helps you feel more comfortable in your skin and in your life.

Results require time, continuity and the will of the client. It is not easy to touch and get to know your deepest parts. This process teaches self-respect as well as patience for our own processes.

Together we strive toward a healthier and more authentic life. 

Father and Daughter

The Serbian Union of Associations for Psychotherapy


European Association for Gestalt Therapy


Serbian Association for Gestalt Therapy

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